Force to Leave | New Door Interaction

Force to Leave | New Door Interaction

With this Mod you can Force Sims to Leave.

Force to Leave

A new Interaction on Doors/Gates is available called “Force to Leave”

You can pick up to 100 Sims and force them to leave the Zone/Lot.

This is useful if you like to pretend to close your Business for example (if you have the More Buyable Venues Mod)

Available languages: English (default), Russian (by TheSimmer26), French (by Yuu), Portuguese (by Guedesrs) and German

Download “Force to Leave | New Door Interaction” Version 22.03.2018 | Downloaded 7469 times | 7 KB

15 thoughts on “Force to Leave | New Door Interaction

  1. Oh my GOD – this mod is amazing and basically my salvation!

    I’ve had a glitch in my game where I can’t ask sims to leave, and they randomly come into the house without asking. So I had to lock the doors all the time, which was irritating when my sim actually wanted a friend to come over or something.

    This completely solves that! I just kick the party crashers out.


    1. Did you install the package & ts4script File together and only one Folder deep? If you did, check if you have a Mod Conflict going on and test this Mod without any other Mod/CC inside the Mod Folder

  2. Пользуюсь Вашим модом сила выхода очень нравится но в обновлении для кошек и собак пропала кнопка запереть двери на общественном участке проверяла его без всего очень эта кнопка нужна

      1. Use Your mod power to update the cats and dogs in a new fashion 17 11 2017 missing the button to lock the door on the public site checked without additions’m sorry but this button just need

        1. I’m still not 100% sure what the Question is but i will try to answer: The Mod itself is working. I get the “Force to leave” Option on all Doors. The Lock Door Option is not a feature ingame on public Venues. If you want that there too you need my Unlock Doors Mod.

  3. Yes really need a button to “Lock the door” and the mod itself works, my SIM card doctor I locked the door the previous mod in the hospital and now a new mod can’t door to open what to do

    1. You locked the door with an older Mod and now can’t unlock teh Door anymore? Did you try to go into Build Menu to build a new Door?

    1. Locking/Unlocking Doors does not work on Community Lots. This Mod does not add any Options to lock/unlock Doors. If you search for a Mod that let’s you unlock/lock Doors on Community Lots you need another Mod for that. For example the Unlock Doors for chosen Sims Mod you can find here on this Site.

  4. To write this before could not was no Internet, I put 2 fashion “output Power” and “Lock the door” and it started working, thank you so much for the tip.

  5. Hey, LittleMsSam!
    First thank you for all your mods, I have a whole bunch of them and they’re quite helpful.
    I just wanted to let you know that you’ve forgotten to add the German Strings to this one.
    Thank you for all your time and effort to keep all this updated. 🙂
    Keep up your great work!

    1. Well i can’t tell you if i don’t know what exactly you did?! Did you unzip the Downloads and put the Packages (and ts4scripts) inside your Mod Folder? Did you only put them one Subfolder deep (if they are Script Mods)? And yes, if it has a ts4script File than Script Mods need to be enabled.

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