Flea Market appears every Sunday

Flea Market appears every Sunday

As a straving artist i want to be able to go to the Flea Market to sell my Stuff every Sunday… at least until i can afford my own Business

Flea Market appears every sunday

So i made a small tuning mod which overrides the xml for the Flea Market to appear every sunday instead of every second sunday.

It may happen to not work the first sunday after you install this mod depending when the last Flea Market was ingame (because it works like a countdown) but it should appear every sunday after that.

Download “Flea Market appears every Sunday” | Downloaded 6986 times | 2 KB

XML used “Flea Market appears every Sunday”


7 thoughts on “Flea Market appears every Sunday

  1. Thanks for this, I love selling sim-made stuff at the flea market and now I can do it every Sunday!! I was wondering…Do you have a mod or anything that helps fix when festivals are stuck and stay for days on end?? The romance festival just won’t leave…

    1. No. This is a huge Bug by EA and i hope that they’ll fix this soon. If i have some time i may look into this but i don’t know if that is even something that can be easily be fixed.

  2. I had one cuestion. Is possible make the festivals every week ??? i am trying, extract the xml and edit the same values like in you mod from 168 to 84 but not is working and i am getting last exceptions errors. Thank you.

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