First Love

First Love

With this Mod Kids can have a “First Crush” Relationship which can build up to a “First Love” Relationship.

First Love

This was actually not something that i would need in my Game but i was curious how this could work out so i did this Mod anyway. But i will not add something bigger to it like special Date Events or so ;P

When Children have a high build up Friendship (mind. value 75) they’ll find a new Pie Menu on their Target called “First Love”.

There they have the first new Interaction:

  • Confess to have a Crush (one Time Interaction)

If the Interaction is successful you’ll get a new Relationship with your Crush called “First Crush”

Being near your Crush will give you a special Buff which will slowly build up a hidden Relationship Progress  every 30 minutes.

In the “First Love” Pie Menu two new Interactions will be available:

  • Exchange Numbers (one Time Interaction)
  • Hug
  • Visit Crush (If you have my Social Activities Mod)

Both Interactions will gain hidden Relationship Progress.

Exchanging Numbers with your Crush will also unlock two new Phone Interactions:

  • Call Crush
  • Text Crush

Both Phone Interactions will also gain a small Relationship Progress.

With the growing Progress you’ll unlock a new Interaction which will be announced (You’ll get a Notification):

  • Monkey around

This will gain Relationship Progress with your Crush.

With the growing Progress you’ll unlock a new Interaction which will be announced (You’ll get a Notification):

  • Stargazing (only workable for Outdoor Retreat DLC Owner, sry did not see that when doing this)

Stargazing with your Crush will gain Relationship Progress.

When your hidden Relationship Progress is high enough you’ll get the last Interaction unlocked (You’ll get a Notification):

  • Ask to be Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Asking your Crush to be your Boyfriend/Girlfriend will turn your “First Crush” Relationship into a new Relationship called “First Love” if successful.

With that new Relationship a new Interaction will be available:

  • Ask to be just Friends

This Interaction will delete all hidden Relationship Progress and the “First Love” Relationship itself.

Aging up to Teens

If one of both Children ages up to Teens a hidden Countdown of 7 Days starts.

Within these 7 Days the only Option between both Sims available in the “First Love” Pie Menu is “Ask to be just Friends”.

If both Sims age up to Teens and meet up within the 7 Days they’ll get a hidden Broadcaster which adds them a Romance Relationship Track of 50 and the Relationship “Sign. Other”!

If they don’t age up when the Countdown runs out they’ll keep the “First Love” Relationship but no special Interactions will be available and if they want to stay in a Relationship when both are aged up as Teens later they will have to start from scratch.

Some things answered before it gets asks 😉

There are some Interaction that would have fit perfectly here for example

  • Kiss Cheek
  • Hold Hands

Unfortunaley those are not animated for Kids. So i will not add then to prevent the awkward stretching.

Languages: English (default), German, Danish (by Sighubert), Japanese (by maru dada) and Portuguese (by Ana Carolina/guedesrs)

Download “First Love” Version 22.04.2018 | Downloaded 21469 times | 71 KB

68 thoughts on “First Love

    1. you should add a option to kiss on lips because
      there dating if we get them to be boyfriend\girlfriend so it won’t be awkward.

      1. Even if there would be an Animation for that in the Game i would not add that. Kiss on Check yes but there is no Animation for that which could be added.

      2. 1) Check your spelling and grammar and
        2) Little kids shouldn’t be doing anything but smooching cheeks, anyway.
        It’s adorable just as it is.

  1. Awwww this is too cute , I don’t use kids often but this is cute , definitely works for some kids on their personalities.

    – Say you “Ask to be friends” as kids, you end up having another crush, will it still say “First Crush” (even though its technically not)? Not a big deal but just asking
    – Are you allowed multiple crushes (asking for others)?
    – Same gender allowed?
    Last but not least…
    – Can you be anymore greater?! ^-^
    Thank you btw! (I had another question but totally forgot, oh well)

    1. – Say you “Ask to be friends” as kids, you end up having another crush, will it still say “First Crush” (even though its technically not)?
      If you “break up” with your Crush and have another it will be the same yeah.
      – Are you allowed multiple crushes (asking for others)?
      To be honest i did not test that^^ There is a prohibited Relationship test in it but i am not sure if the Game just tests the relationship between the two Sims that are interacting or just the Actor Sim. So i cannot answer that for sure sry^^
      – Same gender allowed?
      Should be yes. I did not use any tests that would disallow it as far as i know.
      – Can you be anymore greater?! ^-^
      Maybe? I don’t know^^ But thx 😉

  2. OMG I’m your biggest fan, well I’ve been since More Buyable Venoues but now you made me cry…. this is beyond descriptions! I feel so bad about myself not being able making such mods myself, you almost added Preteens with that idea

    1. You should give it a try. Modding can be pretty Fun when you can “edit” the Game you want it to be 😉

  3. This is an awesome mod. I was talking to my sister about how I wish the kids could have crush interactions. Nothing major like holding hands, kiss on the cheek or even cloud gaze/stargaze, meet up at parks or double date with parent or teen sibling or give gifts to each other or give flowers to. So thank you for this. Your Mods Rock….

  4. hi I’m new just wanted to say this is such a great idea! ive always wondered if someone would make a mod like this so this made me sooo happy! Maybe you should make a preteen mod?

  5. I’m doing a royal thing on my game and theirs a prince and a noble girl and their kids and my story is they’ve been having a crush this enhances it even further 😁😁😆😆

    1. You’ll get a Notification when it is available. The Progress of the hidden Relationship needs to be high enough.

  6. Hello, I’m wondering, and just making sure i was understanding this correctly.
    If you have two kids standing next to each other (they have the first crush) will it slowly build up with them just standing next to each other?

    As well, what is the quickest way to get the relationship high?

    1. Yes, when they are near each other and have the “Is near Crush” Buff they’ll slowly build up the hidden Relationship. The actual new Interactions build up the Relationship too.

      From a Ranking from slow to faster Relationship Buildung i would say:

      Call/Text Crush
      Just being near each other
      Being near each other and doing those new Interactions

  7. Thank you for doing this!
    It would be really cute if you could write love letters somehow (maybe a love e-mail?)

  8. I absolutely adore this concept! Will the relationship bits be retained when they age up into adulthood? Maybe the animation for Hug/Hug lovingly can be renamed and used for First love and first crush.

    1. If they retained it while growing up to Teens then they should also have it later on. The Hugging Interaction is already one of the First Love Interactions.

  9. i have a question. if you were to change characters to your Sims’s crush would it say that that’s there crush back? Also if the crush falls for your sim is that when the stargazing begins? One more question, my sims have gotten to bffs and I do the hug interaction all the time and text crush and call crush and nothing pops up new, Is that supposed to happen so err what do I need to do?

    1. The RelBit gets added to both Sims so yes, if you switch it should show up at the other Sim too. The hidden Relationsship building works like this: The Relationship has a min Value of 0 and max Value of 100. For the new Interactions you’ll get a loot of 0,125 ~ 0,75. Being near the Crush will give 0,125 every 30min. If the Value 49 is reached the new Interaction shows up. At Value 99 the Relationship is high enough for the Ask to be Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

          1. When the RelBit reached a certain point where it unlocks a new Interaction you’ll get a Notification

  10. Hey, I love the mod. But I have a problem when they age up to teens, I did get that boost but whenever they do a romatic interaction even if the bar is full, it drops down to 50 procent. Its really weird 😅

    1. Will check that out

      EDIT: Should be fixed now. It may happen one more time until the Fix gets active.

  11. Urm..I don’t it’s my computer…But..How Do I Download the Mod? Like..I clicked download, and put it in my folder..But I can’t seem to find the interaction. The children I tried it on are max friendship..So…what do I do? Did I miss something? Or…Maybe downloaded it wrong..?

    1. You need the extract the zip File you downloaded. Then put the package & ts4script File inside your Sims 4 Mods Folder. Make sure to put them only one Subfolder deep if you use Subfolders. You need to enable Script Mods in the Game Options Setting also.

  12. My script mods are enabled and the kids’ friendship is 100 and they are BFF’s. I can’t find the first crush category anywhere. I’ve updated my game, I’ve downloaded it twice. It even says “” under script mods. I don’t know why this isn’t working. Could someone please help me?

      1. It’s not working?? Did i download it right?? I downloaded the package and then unzipped the file and placed it in the mods folder and its, not on my game?? Help!

        1. Did you place the package & ts4script only one Folder deep into your Mods Folder? Script Mods enabled in Game Options?

        1. The only thing i can offer is to take a look at your savegame myself.You could send me the File via Contact Form if it is not too big.

  13. Hey, quick question. Where is Text Crush and Call Crush in the phone? I can’t seem to find it and my sims have exchanged numbers. I might just be dumb though lmao

    1. It is only visible if the Crush is not around. So after exchanging Numbers send them Home if you want to call them 😉

  14. I do not have the Stargazing interaction since I don’t have Outdoor Retreat. How do I gain a relationship progress?

    1. Didn’t know Stargazing is only for OR DLC owner :/ If you are near by your Crush you’ll gain Progress. So basically whenever you play with your Crsuh or whatever. You’ll see a Buff when you are near them. Also Calling/Texting/Hugging your Crush via the new Options will gain Progress.

  15. Hey I’m in love with this mod such a great idea!

    I have a question.

    Is it normal when after you exchange numbers nothing comes up? Because thats been happening to me and I don’t know why.

    Thank you!

      1. No I mean after they exchange numbers the stargazing option doesn’t appear and I don’t understand why please help!

        1. Stargazing appears later on when the hidden RelBit gets build up. Hugging should show right away. If not then something might have gone wrong but i can’t say for sure unless i can look at your savegame.

  16. Hello there. I like this mod a lot (and most of your mods as well)
    but I did a mistake and accidentally got a boy in my game to reveal crush to his unlisted relative.. (complicated family tree)

    I tried to search for a way to “ask to become just friends” but I couldn’t find anything like that..
    is there a way to undo the crush reveal?
    it’s too weird for me to have them crush while they are kind of from the same family..

    using the UI cheat mode I set their romantic relationship to -20 (lol) yet, they are still listed has the first love of each other..

    thanks for any help
    and keep up the good work 🙂

    1. It is not based on the romantic RelBit but a custom one so no cheats will work here i guess. What you could try to do is: Close your Game. Delete the Mod. load your Game. Save your Game. Close the Game. Put Mod back in. Start and check.

      1. I’ll try this, thank you 🙂
        I also sent you a message using the CONTACT ME page about some small mod suggestion if you can check it out on your free time..

        thanks again.

        1. can you please answer my email about the announce engagement mod so I could know if I should wait for your rescue or ask someone else to create this mod? I really want this and if you don’t wanna do it it’s fine, just let me know please..(?) thank you.

  17. i downloaded it to see how it would work, i built up friendships and it didn’t work!, am i doing something wrong!?!?!

    1. Did you install it right? Check the FAQ “How to install your Mods” to see if you installed it right.

  18. Could you make the relationship gains a bit quicker? It’s kind of a pain to wait so long to make them a couple.

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