Entrance Fee on Community Lots | Custom Lot Trait

Entrance Fee on Community Lots | Custom Lot Trait

This Mod adds a new custom Lot Trait to the Game.

Entrance Fee on Community Lots

When one of the Community Lots listet below has the “Entrance Fee” Lot Trait Sims entering the Lot will Pay an Entrance Fee. The LotTrait needs to be added to the Lot before your Sims will spawn there!

Lots the “Entrance Fee” Lot Trait works on:

  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Karaoke Bar
  • Lounge
  • Club
  • Relaxation Center
  • Generic/VisitorAllowed Venues
  • Cinema (More Buybale Venues Mod)
  • Arts Center
  • Museum
  • Library

Entrance Fees on Lots:

Lot | Entrance Fee (Children will get a 50% Discount, Toddler have Free Access)

  • Pool | 30 $
  • Gym | 60 $
  • Karaoke Bar | 60 $
  • Cinema (More Buybale Venues Mod) | 60 $
  • Lounge | 90 $
  • Club | 120 $
  • Relaxation Center | 150 $
  • Generic/VisitorAllowed Venues | 80 $
  • Arts Center | 50 $
  • Museum | 40 $
  • Library | 40 $

If you own a Community Venue (via More Buyable Venue Mod) you’ll get the Payment when NPCs pay the Entrance Fees!

Available languages: English (default), Polish (by Pawlq), Russian (TheSimmer26), Italian (by GoldSerperior) and German

Entrance Fee on Community Lots | Custom Lot Trait

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 02.12.2017


22 thoughts on “Entrance Fee on Community Lots | Custom Lot Trait

  1. This is awesome! Do you think in the future there could be a way to add the entrance fee into the lots without having to use a lot trait?

    1. I don’t see that working without editing Zone/Venues Files and i would not do that. Maybe via Objects that give Buffs but at the moment nothing like that is planed because the LotTrait is enough for me for now^^

  2. Wow! I’ve seen some of your mods on modthesims.com but just recently found your site. Your mods are AMAZEBALLS! Good work and hope to be donating to your Patreon soon(once I have the money of course)!

    1. You can’t buy a Communtiy Lot without my More buyable Venues Mod. You’ll only make Profit if you own the Lot.

    1. Did you read the description at all or what?

      ***Entrance Fee per Hour (Children will get a 50% Discount, Toddler have Free Access)
      Read it though in the description…

  3. I LOVE THIS, i never liked that almost everything was free, it felt too easy to make money and keep it. Does this also cover art galleries, libraries, and museums?

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