Earbuds | Listen to Music is Fun OBSOLETE

Earbuds | Listen to Music is Fun OBSOLETE

For whatever reason listening to Music via Earbuds is no Fun for Sims. This Mods changes that.

Earbuds | Listen to Music is Fun (Needs Fitness Stuff Pack!)

Only Music Lovers get the Motive Fun filled while listening to Music via Earbuds.

I added the Motive Fun for everyone (Statistic Change Amount 0.75) and increased the Statistic Change Amount for Music Lovers from 0.19 to 1.5

THIS MOD WILL NOT BE CONTINUED – PLEASE USE THE MOD “More Fun Stuff (Motives, Skills, Life Skills & More Overhaul)” I might do a Standalone of the new Mod soon for this affect only.


Download “Earbuds | Listen to Music is Fun” Version 12.12.2017 | Downloaded 9646 times | 47 KB



17 thoughts on “Earbuds | Listen to Music is Fun OBSOLETE

  1. Hey!
    Can you rebuild this mod for gain fun always when sims wear earpods, not only when he listens music (interaction)?
    Is possible?
    Love yours mods <3

    1. It would not make much sense that Sims gain Fun from wearing them without listening to music. So i won’t do that sry.

  2. hey I’m about to download this mod but because I have an earbuds defaulte replacer mod I don’t know if those 2 will work together

    1. You have to check if the same resources are used. Mine are listed in the “XML used “Earbuds | Listen to Music is Fun”” Dropdown Menu.

  3. This is an amazing and much needed mod as are all of your mods. Thank You so very much! I was wondering if there is some way to make the earbuds usable when doing things like jogging, fishing and programming etc? Because I know when I work out I always listen to my earbuds and I also listen when I am cooking, fishing, browsing the web – most mindless things really. Thanks for your consideration, and again for your amazing work.

    1. I tried that several times already without a solution. The whole mutli tasking Stuff seems pretty complicated 🙁

    1. I will not continue this because the affects are a Part of the “More Fun Stuff (Motives, Skills, Life Skills & More Overhaul)” Mod. If this Mod breaks then yes you either have to use the More Fun Stuff Mod or update it on your own or not use any at all.

      1. what a shame another mod author that thinks putting all your mods in an big shit mod without options is a good thing, anyway I’ll use it until it breaks and update it myself after that

        1. What a Shame… another player who thinks they can be disrespectful to Modders who Mod for Fun in their Free Time.

          Just for future reference: If you ever want a Modder to maybe rethink to continue a Mod or make a “Standalone” Version out of the “Shit big Mod” consider to ask nicely!

          If you want ppl to do something for you -> be respectful. It is that easy.

          1. just stfu I was respectful in the past already but every modder so far thought it’s an good idea to merge stuff into an big mod to force people to use stuff they don’t wanna use

            1. I don’t force anyone to use any of my mods. Again if you would have asked nicely i would even have made a standalone Version out of my shit big mod.

                1. First of all why tf are you still rude? That’s not anywhere near being just kind. Do you even KNOW how much work she puts into her mods? She has a lot of them and also it’s just something doing for fun. You know, some people have private lives that don’t revolve around sims. Just ask nice like a effin normal human being. And Sam, thank you for all that. Some people don’t get that it’s just so much work. Don’t let anyone ruin this for you, as long as you have fun, everything’s great.

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