Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits

Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits

This Mod adds six new custom Lot Traits to the Game which lets you customize every Lot what Sims should wear.

Dress Code Lot Traits

When Sims spawn on a Lot where one of the seven Lot Traits (see below) is active, they’ll change into a specific Outfit Category.

The Traits need to be added to the Lot before your Sims will spawn there! Only use one Trait per Lot

Dress Code Traits available (works on every Lot):

  • Athletic
  • Swimwear
  • Formal
  • Party
  • Sleepwear
  • Everyday
  • Naked Addon (Download here)

How the Mod works:

  • After your Sim/s spawn on a Lot they’ll get a hidden Buff.
  • This will give the Sims a high Autonomous Behavior to change into a certain Outfit. After they changed the Buff will get deleted.
  • Unfortunately NPC Sims that spawn are not affected from “Enter_Lot_Loots” so i added a “on_interaction_loot” tag. This means that NPCs will change Outfits when they are doing Interactions. They will not change right at the beginning like active Sims.
  • All Sims will get a new Buff after they’ve changed. This Buff should prevent them from changing over and over again.
  • Interactions like playing Basketball etc. will still let them change Outfits again! Using a Formal Lot Trait on a Gym Lot will not make much sense^^
  • When Sims are sitting etc. when changing Outfits they’ll do the known “Glitch” which looks like they are swimming

Dress Code Gadget

Gadget is available via Build Menu under Appliances\Miscellaneous
With this you’ll be able to force picked Sims to change their Outfit. You can choose up to 50 Sims.
It can be used on Lots with Dress Code Lot Traits (only specific Outfits) or without the Lot Traits (all Outfits).

Available languages: English (default), Polish (by Pawlq), Russian (by TheSimmer26), French (by Cinthila), Chinese (by Christine_jxn), Portuguese (by Guedesrs) and German

Download “Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits” Version 16.03.2018 | Downloaded 11389 times | 77 KB

24 thoughts on “Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits

    1. I don’t have WWs Hypersexual lot trait so i cannot look into this. The only way two Traits can conflict is when they have the same Tuning IDs which are based on the xml Names. Mine always start with “LittleMsSam:” so conflicting should not be happening. But as i said i cannot check this, so you would have to ask Turbo because of that. Let me know what he answers ;P

    1. I can not completely disable the changing into different clothing etc. There are a too many Interactions where NPCs will change into different Clothes again. On a Relaxation Center it is right at the Start because the Game tells them to change into a Rope. You could use the “Gadget” in your Inventory to force them to get naked again?!

  1. Hello,
    I love this mod! I have been using the formalwear for my fancy ballroom in one game and to force kids to wear uniforms to school in another game (where I dressed them all in uniform under formal). Also, the every day wear one turned out to be incredibly useful for my mixed school dorm to stop sims from walking around in their pajamas and towels everywhere, haha.

    Anyway, is there a way to get another trait that forces carreer outfits? It would be great for office venues and other places that require formal but not fancy formal.

    speaking of office venues, I don’t know if you take suggestions, but it would be great to have a mod that would allow us to assign computers/desks to sims (not in our household). If beds can be assigned, can desks not be? I don’t know much about game modding, so this may be an impossibility. I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

    Thanks for this mod and all your other ones! I enjoy them very much!

    1. I’m currently fine tuning some of my Mods. This will also be fine tuned in the near future. I will then add a Career Version but Career can be any Uniform depending on their career. So I’m not sure if this is really what you want?

      Regarding Assignments. Beds are special because as far as i understand the Coding they have a special Tag for this and i’m not sure if you can use this as a example for other objects. But i will look into this when i have some time!

  2. Do you think it would be possible to have a trait that just makes Sims take off their shoes when they enter the lot? Like when they come home, instead of walking around with their shoes on in the house, they’re remove them?

    1. I’m not sure if that is possible or not or if it has to be a script Mod or if it can be a Tuning Mod. I think it should also not be a Trait Mod but more connected to Front Doors instead. But as i said i am not even sure if that is doable at all^^

      1. I was just curious, because I know WickedWhims has it so that Sims can undress bottoms when using the toilet and undress top when breastfeeding, so I was curious if something like that was possible with shoes 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to reply ♥

        1. That’s true but Wicked Whims is mainly a Script Mod. I am a Tuning Modder so i am limited to the things tuning Files allow me to do^^

  3. I’m having a problem with the latest update whenever I select other lot traits sims stand outside and never enter the lot until your custom trait is removed. the gadget also does not show up anymore

      1. hm, San Myshuno is bugged anyway maybe this could be a reason there too if it works in other Worlds?!

        1. Hello! I’m also experiencing this as well. I’ve tried the pre-built clubs in Windenburg and a custom-built one in Newcrest, and NPCs were just standing outside of the lot. As soon as I removed the lot trait, everyone started pooling into the club again.

          I had no problem like this until the Jungle Adventure (1.40) patch arrived. Before then, it was working perfectly. It might’ve been something the patch did.

          I’ll do so more testing however to make sure it’s not just mod conflict in my game, though.

          Also, thank you so much for all your hard work in creating and updating these life-saving mods.

          1. Alright i am trying to figure out what is going on ingame. I think i made a little edit which helped but it would be great to get 1-2 Testers for the LotTraits (also EntranceFee/More Visitors are affected i guess?!). If you are willing to test “fixes” of the LTs send me an Email via Contact Form! Thx

    1. Need to check this ingame and will get back to you then. MAy take a little since i am sick at the moment

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