Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits

Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits

This Mod adds six new custom Lot Traits to the Game which lets you customize every Lot what Sims should wear.

Dress Code Lot Traits

When Sims spawn on a Lot where one of the seven Lot Traits (see below) is active, they’ll change into a specific Outfit Category.

The Traits need to be added to the Lot before your Sims will spawn there! Only use one Trait per Lot

Dress Code Traits available (works on every Lot):

  • Athletic
  • Swimwear
  • Formal
  • Party
  • Sleepwear
  • Everyday
  • Naked Addon (Download here)

How the Mod works:

  • After your Sim/s spawn on a Lot they’ll get a hidden Buff.
  • This will give the Sims a high Autonomous Behavior to change into a certain Outfit. After they changed the Buff will get deleted.
  • Unfortunately NPC Sims that spawn are not affected from “Enter_Lot_Loots” so i added a “on_interaction_loot” tag. This means that NPCs will change Outfits when they are doing Interactions. They will not change right at the beginning like active Sims.
  • All Sims will get a new Buff after they’ve changed. This Buff should prevent them from changing over and over again.
  • Interactions like playing Basketball etc. will still let them change Outfits again! Using a Formal Lot Trait on a Gym Lot will not make much sense^^
  • When Sims are sitting etc. when changing Outfits they’ll do the known “Glitch” which looks like they are swimming

Dress Code Gadget

This Gadget will be added into the Inventory of the activ Sim/s when they spawn on a Lot with a Dress Code Trait.
With this you’ll be able to force picked Sims to change their Outfit. You can choose up to 50 Sims.
It can be used on Lots with Dress Code Lot Traits (only specific Outfits) or without the Lot Traits (all Outfits).

Available languages: English (default), Polish (by Pawlq), Russian (by TheSimmer26) and German

Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 03.07.2017

5 thoughts on “Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits

    1. I don’t have WWs Hypersexual lot trait so i cannot look into this. The only way two Traits can conflict is when they have the same Tuning IDs which are based on the xml Names. Mine always start with “LittleMsSam:” so conflicting should not be happening. But as i said i cannot check this, so you would have to ask Turbo because of that. Let me know what he answers ;P

    1. I can not completely disable the changing into different clothing etc. There are a too many Interactions where NPCs will change into different Clothes again. On a Relaxation Center it is right at the Start because the Game tells them to change into a Rope. You could use the “Gadget” in your Inventory to force them to get naked again?!

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