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Dog Walker & Dog Jogger

Hire a Dog Walker/Jogger if you don’t have time to go for a Walk/Jog 😉

Via the Phone (Household Menu) you are now able to hire a Dog Walker or a Dog Jogger.

The Dog Walker/Jogger will arrive right away and will go for a Walk/Jog with your Dog.

You can hire up to two Dog Walker or Dog Jogger.

It will cost you 30 $ for each Dog Walker (60 $ between 20 pm and 8 am as well as Sundays) or 15 $ for each Dog Walker (30 $ between 20 pm and 8 am as well as Sundays).

How the Mod works:

  • After you hired a Dog Walker/ Jogger they will spawn and a Picker Pop up will open where you choose the Dog you want them to walk/jog with.
  • They will then go for a short walk/quick jog with the picked Dog.
  • After the Walk they’ll stay ~ 20 minutes which gives you time to ask them to bath your Dog if you want (with my “Ask to Go for a Walk & Bath” Mod)
  • I added an extra Buff to Dogs (like Go for a Walk will fill up Needs Mod) which locks Stats for a few hrs after going for a Walk.

Known Issue:

Sometimes Dog Walker lose their “Connection” to the Dog. You have to call your Dog then to bring them home. This is still worked on…

Be aware this Mod and my “Ask to Go for a Walk & Bath (Dogs)” Mod use the same File called LittleMsSam_GoForWalk_ReturnHome.package so this File is included in both Downloads!

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  • Japanese Translation by Simtelma
  • French Translation by Nerwen

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