Cooler are cooling

Cooler are cooling

Cooler are now cooling

Cooler are cooling

  • Cooler (Outdoor Retreat GP/Toddler SP) now also have an Inventory. The Inventory is based on the “CRAFT_SALES_TABLE_EP03” Inventory but it should work even if you don’t have City Living.
  • Optional with Costs for Drinks (2$) and Snacks (4$)

Adding the Inventory messed up the Crafting of Drinks/Snacks for whatever reason (Routing Error -.-). I rebuild those Interactions (disabled the autonomously ones) as good as i could. The Animation does not fit 100% though. The Hand will be empty because the Snack/Drink is inside their Inventory but they’ll continue to drink/eat when they have found a seat etc.


Download “Cooler are cooling” Version 07.11.2017 | Downloaded 3054 times | 32 KB

XML used “Cooler are cooling”


4 thoughts on “Cooler are cooling

  1. My sims weren’t able to grab a quick meal after I added this mod. Was that intentional? When I instructed them to grab one they would instead walk over and sit on the cooler.

    1. Hey just checked ingame. I could take out all three Quick Meals (with Costs Version). Was there a open Cooler Animation before they sat down? Which Version did you use? Maybe try downloading/reinstalling the Mod again. If it still does not work, check if maybe a Mod Conflict is going on.

      1. I just tested both the costs and no costs version and am happy to say that both are working correctly now! I was wondering if it would be possible to make it so that you can add the custom ingredients into it? At the moment, only the cooking tofu will go inside. I’d like to leave a cooler with some meat and chicken at the park for use by the community when I’m playing different houses because it would be weird for sims to just carry them around with them. If not no biggie. I really love that I can at least have the fruits and veggies available inside for cooking as well as stick the food inside it after they grill it with this mod!

        1. Custom Food has its own Object xml where the Inventory Tags are included. If there is no “CRAFT_SALES_TABLE_EP03” Tag then it won’t work. Nothing i can change from my site unfortunaley.

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