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Cooler are cooling

Cooler are now cooling

  • Cooler (Outdoor Retreat GP/Toddler SP) now also have an Inventory. The Inventory is based on the “CRAFT_SALES_TABLE_EP03” Inventory but it should work even if you don’t have City Living.
  • Optional with Costs for Drinks (2$) and Snacks (4$)

Adding the Inventory messed up the Crafting of Drinks/Snacks for whatever reason (Routing Error -.-). I rebuild those Interactions (disabled the autonomously ones) as good as i could. The Animation does not fit 100% though. The Hand will be empty because the Snack/Drink is inside their Inventory but they’ll continue to drink/eat when they have found a seat etc.

Download “Cooler are cooling” Version 17.04.2018 | Downloaded 4027 times | 32 KB

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