Change Outfit via Closets, Coat Rack & Wardrobe

Change Outfit via Closets, Coat Rack & Wardrobe

It annoys me that there is no change outfit option for closets so this little tuning mod adds the “change outfit” interaction for closets.

Change Outfit via Closets, Coat Rack & Wardrobe

Now you can change your Outfit via Closet, Coat Rack & Wardrobe!

Download “Change Outfit via Closets, Coat Rack & Wardrobe” Version 07.11.2017 | Downloaded 8431 times | 3 MB

XML used “Change Outfit via Closets”


4 thoughts on “Change Outfit via Closets, Coat Rack & Wardrobe

  1. Thank you for all your mods! I am using a whole lot of them.
    I am playing English sims 4, and I have noticed that this renames these items to German (?)
    Just a heads up. It’s no big deal to me.

  2. First of all, I LOVE your mods! I have a whole bunch of them and they have become indispensable to my simming, lol. I got excited when I saw this mod, but it is not quite what I’m looking for. It REALLY bothers me that, for example, after going jogging, my sims automatically change back into their everyday clothes without me being able to stop them. When you go jogging you get all sweaty, right? So why would they automatically change clothes (out in front of the house I might add) without even showering? I would rather they just kept the athletic outfit on until they can shower (or until I tell them to change it). Another thing that bothers me which is a similar issue is that when a sim showers/bathes at 11pm, for example, why would they put their everyday clothes back on instead of their pajamas? Or if they’re showering at 8am and have work at 9, why would they put on everyday clothes instead of their career outfit? I would love to be able to modify this also, but I know nothing about making mods, lol. There used to be a mod for Sims 3 that did this, but I’ve been unable to find one for Sims 4. So I’m sure you’re REALLY busy, but if you ever have the chance to address either of these issues for me in a mod of your own, I would be ECSTATIC, so please let me know. Thanks again!

    1. Honestly i don’t think i will do something like this. Not because i don’t want to, like you, i hate that my Sims autonomously Change into different Clothes whenever they do something but the Changing Code/Command is in soooo many Interaction Files that you would have to Override way too many Original Game Files that it is not worth the trouble. And of course it would be a major Problem with Mod Compatibility. As much as i hate the fact.

  3. I honestly didn’t realise that this was a thing at all. That seems so counter-intuitive and silly! Thank you for filling in the blanks <3

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