Buy a better Mattress (Better Energy/Comfort on Beds)

Buy a better Mattress (Better Energy/Comfort on Beds)

This Mod adds Interactions to Beds which lets you buy better Mattresses

Buy a better Mattress

New Interactions (mind. Age Teen) are available on all Beds except Camping AirBeds, Camping Cot and Police Cell Bed:

  • Buy a Better Mattress for Yourself (Single + Double Beds)
  • Buy a Better Mattress for Yourself and… (Double Beds)
  • Buy a Better Mattress for… (Single, Double Beds + Toddler Beds)

The “Better Mattress for Yourself” and “Better Mattress for Yourself and…” Interactions are not available when the active Sim has the “Owner of a Better Mattress” Buff! (see below)

Costs per Mattress:

  • Toddler Beds 500 $
  • Single Beds 750 $
  • Double Beds 1.000 $

Buying a Mattress will give the Active Sim and/or the Picked Sim/s a visible Buff called “Owner of a Better Mattress”.
The Duration of the Buff is 14 Days.
As long as the Buff is activ your Sims will sleep much better in every Bed (except those listed above).
The Energy Motive will fill up faster and the Buff should also prevent the “Uncomfortable Sleep” Buff which Sims get because of low Quality Beds.

After 14 Days you’ll need to buy a new Mattress ;P

Be aware when you use a Cheat or Mod to delete all Buffs, you’ll have to re buy the Mattress ūüėõ

Available languages: English (default), Polish (by Pawlq), Dutch (by kevin6), Portuguese (by tutano), French (by Cinthila), Spanish (by Edespino), Chinese (by Christine_jxn), Japanese (by Simtelma)  and German

Download “Buy a better Mattress (Better Energy/Comfort on Beds)” Version 11.03.2018 | Downloaded 10013 times | 38 KB


8 thoughts on “Buy a better Mattress (Better Energy/Comfort on Beds)

  1. thankyou now i dont have to be forced to use princess bed all the time to have better sleep. i can use other beautiful beds

  2. Thank you for all you mods. I instaled the last version with Dog and Cats instaled and eve with only this mod in my mod folder the better mattres dont show aleast for 2 beds ( my game is in spanish ): Artesania Acogedora ( Cozy Crafts: double ) and ( Coastal Loneness: single ) with the other 2 single and double bed from DLC work fine. Thank you.

  3. Update: I test other double beds, some work and the most not or only text but no show the small bed pic. One workaround is buy one working bed and “buy” the perk then sell the working bed.

  4. This is a very cool mod. It makes the game even more realistic as like in real life, better mattress means better sleep. Thank you for this mod and I need to say that I really like your site and mods you have here.

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