Better Butler (and Second Butler)

Better Butler (and Second Butler)

Someone mentioned in another Mod Thread that Butlers don’t put away Food. Now they do Plus More!

Better Butler

This Mod adds more Interaction(s) to the Butler Service:

  • Butlers will now put away Food into the Fridge

If i get more Requests or find Interactions which would fit here then i will maybe add them if possible

Increased Static Commodity so Butlers will more likely clean up, repair & take care of Kids.

There are the following Variants inside the Better Butler rar File (Only install one!):
The “no Cooking” Part is still in testing

  • Version including all
  • Version without Cooking
  • Version without Cooking & Put Away Food
  • Version without Gardening
  • Version without Gardening & Cooking
  • Version without Gardening, Cooking & Put Away Food

Better Butler – Hire Second Butler Addon (With or Without Gardening)

  • You can hire a second Bulter via the Managment Menu of the first Butler!
  • If you want to fire/cancel them, you’ll need to do that via the Sim – Butler – Managment Menu “Cancel Second Butler”
  • You’ll need to have a Bed available for them too

The “Without Gardening” Version prevents Butlers from Gardening!

Better Butler – Choose what your Butler cooks/bakes

Download my seperate “Ask to Cook/Bake” Mod for that

Better Butler (and Second Butler)

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 12.12.2017

XML used “Better Butler”


Hire second Butler Addon:

49 thoughts on “Better Butler (and Second Butler)

  1. Can you make this mod work for the maid so you can hire a second maid. Maybe one for the gardener too. I have your mod for the second nanny and butler. I really enjoy using your they are great.

  2. I am new to this site. I feel like Sims4 is a new game to me again. I am trying to figure out how to get around and find things.
    Can’t wait to turn on my game and try them.
    Thank you

  3. So when I install the mod do I need to download the Better Butler All version and the version for the second butler or just the second one?

    1. You must install one of the versions of “BetterButler”. If you want a second Butler, you must install one of the two versions of “ButlerHire2Butler”.
      The mod “Better Butler (and Second Butler)” does not work well in my game.
      This is the only mod that gives me a report of “lastException”.

  4. You must install one of the versions of “BetterButler”. If you want a second Butler, you must install one of the two versions of “ButlerHire2Butler”.
    The mod “Better Butler (and Second Butler)” does not work well in my game.
    This is the only mod that gives me a report of “lastException”.

  5. I removed the file from the second Butler: “LittleMsSamBetterButlerHire2Butler”.
    I kept the BetterButler file: “LittleMsSamBetterButler”. Everything worked well afterwards.

  6. I think this is borking butlers after Cats and dogs EP.

    Butler is not able to cook the family meal ($40) and sim is getting charged only 20 (like it was the single meal) when asked to cook. But nothing is cooked. (My sims can cook normally and eat too though).

    I took it out and now works fine. Maybe could be a conflict w other mod?

  7. First, a big Thanks for all your amazing Mods . I have installed Better Butler and Hire Second Butler Addon. I didn’t hire a second butler yet, so I haven’t tested that part. Everything works great so far with the first butler, except that when I click on the bed in the butler bedroom, the option “assign bed to butler” doesn’t show, so my butler never goes to his bedroom and of course doesn’t sleep. It could be a conflict with another mod I have. I just wanted to let you know in case someone else is getting the same bug. Thanks a million again.

      1. Hello! Thanks for all your mods! I have a question on this one though. I just downloaded the new files, but noticed that the dates on them are from july instead of november… are they still the updated ones? The 2nd butler folder has the correct dates.

        1. The Files inside the Zip are all from 8.11. or 18.11.? The only File that still has the July Date is the Text File “Only install One…txt”

  8. Is it somehow possible to add “Evolve all plants” automatically like cleaning or gardening for the Butler as well? My sim life will be easier af!!! Thank you for the mod…….

    1. I don’t know about this yet because it would probably conflict with my other Mods and i don’t want that. I will think about this.

      1. Can we expect something in next few days? Any thoughts if you can share on this “Evolve” plants for butlers?

        1. The only thing i can add without making it incompatible is the Static Commodity Evolve but if a Butler Evolves autonomon then is still open. It will take some time to test this ingame. If it does not work i will not add anything more to it in the near future.

          1. No the butler doesn’t evolve autonomously with the vanilla game, so you could add that and test and hopefully you find a suitable solution.

            1. If someone uses a butler to garden and evolve then it is not required to add “Autonomous gardening or Evolve Plants” mod at the same time. So how it is incompatible I didn’t understand. It depends on the user solely.

              1. ^^ Exactly this what I also want in my game. This mod changed butler behavior completely but evolving plants seems to be an excellent addition to it.

                1. The first attempt did not work so the only way is to overwrite Files. I will only do this as an optional Addon but i won’t have time to test this out. So if you are willing to test such an Optional Addon send me an Email via my Contact Form. I will make such an Addon in the next few days and would send it to you then to check it out.

                    1. Can you please provide a file link over here for the attachment as a zip? use spaces between.

  9. No need to overwrite files. Also I’ve not yet got a test copy from you. Here is what I did to it:
    156948 to your existing buff tuning and added this line


    —–all under respective headers.
    I made multiplier to 300 because the evolve continuation file gives 2 plants to be checked for evolving and the butler was deviating after evolving 2 plants. It is working as I was thinking. If you need I can drop the tuning over here or you can add the add-on over here.

    1. First, i did send you the Files 2 days ago.

      I did add the staticcom. of evolve the first try but with the value of 100. And in my Game it did not work. I will try again with 300 and will see how it will affect the Butler then.

  10. Hi,

    I seem to be having a problem, that just started, with the updated 12/5 version of Better Butler. I have only one version of each. All day long all he will do is read. He will move to another spot only to read. Could this be a conflict with something? I do not have any other butler mods except one that makes their skills level 10. Only other thing I though would be MCCC he incorporated Scumbumbo’s no autonomous scan. I was careful not to turn off anything that had butler linked in the display text. I mostly disabled wash hands, hugs annoying things etc.

    Thank you for your mods I have quite a few of yours & love them.

      1. Listed below are the only butler mods I have





        Sorry I did have another that I forgot about, below


        1. Okay i cannot check the two Otbrst Mods (they are deleted) but i guess they use the same Ressources like i do! Especially the NoMotivesDecayForButler.
          What happens if you put these out and delete your Cache (localthumbcache.package)

          Does it still happen?

          1. Removed the files you suggested. The butler is on top of gardening & mopping puddle now, but he will not pick up dishes. Even after he ate he just walked away. My other sims collect the plates just fine. He is definitely not sitting and reading all day like before.

            1. If he does not pick up dishes within a timeframe of 12 Simhrs, check if you have any Mods that somehow have to do with dishes. Like no auto wash dishes in sink or anything.

  11. Hello, when you put the mod GrayCurse’s Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul, buy in the fridge, the option to prepare family food, etc, the butler does not cook, is there a solution for this? Thank you

    1. No, because the Butler does not have the Ingredients that’s why he can’t cook. That’s why i personally don’t use that Mod anymore.

          1. Only GrayCurse’s Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul Mod itself let’s you by such things as far as i know

  12. I don`t know if this is related with your mod or EA bug, but when my sim go to another lot and comes back, arrives another different butler. I’m tired of fire and rehire the butler just to get my buttler back.

  13. Sorry if this has been asked/suggested before but I was wondering if it was possible for butlers skills to already be maxed out? I noticed when I used your ask to cook mod for the butler that he didn’t have the recipe I was looking for because he was only level 3 in cooking.

    1. I don’t think i will add the max skills in my Mod. There has been a Mod out there which did that but the Modder deleted all their Mods for a unknown reason.

  14. A small correction that you may consider in LittleMsSamBetterButler with everything included. You have added Appropriateness_Cooking under _inappropriateness_tags in buff_Role_Butler_NPC that makes the household member to get salty whenever the butler cooks on order that I have removed personally to get to work the right way.

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