Better Butler (and Second Butler)

Someone mentioned in another Mod Thread that Butlers don’t put away Food. Now they do Plus More!

Better Butler

This Mod adds more Interaction(s) to the Butler Service:

  • Butlers will now put away Food into the Fridge

If i get more Requests or find Interactions which would fit here then i will maybe add them if possible

Increased Static Commodity so Butlers will more likely clean up, repair & take care of Kids.

There are the following Variants inside the Better Butler rar File (Only install one!):
The “no Cooking” Part is still in testing

  • Version including all
  • Version without Cooking
  • Version without Cooking & Put Away Food
  • Version without Gardening
  • Version without Gardening & Cooking
  • Version without Gardening, Cooking & Put Away Food

Better Butler – Hire Second Butler Addon (With or Without Gardening)

  • You can hire a second Bulter via the Managment Menu of the first Butler!
  • If you want to fire/cancel them, you’ll need to do that via the Sim – Butler – Managment Menu “Cancel Second Butler”
  • You’ll need to have a Bed available for them too

The “Without Gardening” Version prevents Butlers from Gardening!

Better Butler – Choose what your Butler cooks/bakes

Download my seperate “Ask to Cook/Bake” Mod for that

Better Butler (and Second Butler)

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 14.07.2017

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