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Better Butler (and Second Butler)

Better Butler (Glamour DLC needed)

This Mod adds more Interaction(s) to the Butler Service:

  • Butlers will now put away Food into the Fridge

If i get more Requests or find Interactions which would fit here then i will maybe add them if possible

Increased Static Commodity so Butlers will more likely clean up, repair & take care of Kids.

There are the following Variants inside the Better Butler rar File (Only install one!):
The “no Cooking” Part is still in testing

  • Version including all
  • Version without Put Away Food
  • Version without Cooking
  • Version without Cooking & Put Away Food
  • Version without Gardening
  • Version without Gardening & Cooking
  • Version without Gardening, Cooking & Put Away Food

Better Butler – Hire more Butler Addon (With or Without Gardening)

  • You can hire up to four additional Butler via the new Pie Menu on Phones (Household Category)!
  • If you want to cancel them, you’ll need to do that via the Sim – Butler – Managment Menu: “Cancel xx Butler”
  • You’ll need to have a Bed available for them too

The “Without Gardening” Version prevents Butlers from Gardening!

Better Butler – Go to Sleep & Wake up earlier Butler Addon

  • Butler will get a Buff around 11pm which will them give them a higher Autonomy to go to Sleep
  • Butler will wake up around 6am instead of 8am

Better Butler – Forbidden Moods Addon

  • This should prevent Butlers from getting certain Moods (Uncomfortable, Bored, Stressed, Dazed, Flirty)

Better Butler – Choose what your Butler cooks/bakes

Download my seperate “Ask to Cook/Bake” Mod for that

Languages: English (default), Dansk (by Sighubert) and German

Download “Better Butler (and Second Butler)” Version 19.06.2018 | Downloaded 19980 times | 183 KB

XML used “Better Butler”


Hire second Butler Addon: