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Autonomous Repairs

Trash Salvage, Collect Trash & Mop Puddles

Since the “Updated version of Autonomous Repairs by mrclopes” mod is outdated and doesn’t work anymore i made a tuning mod which overrides the interaction for repairing (+expert repairing) objects, scavenge in trash, collecting trash and mopping puddles which makes all those interactions autonomous.

It may take them a little while until they finally start repairing and they may get a little distracted now and then because repairing is sooo boring but they will actually finish their duty

New 03/2018 – Reworked Mod from scratch so no Original ingame Ressources are used for the Autonomous Repairs!

Autonomous Repairs – Trash Salvage, Collect Trash Addon

With this Addon Sims will search in garbage for Items after repairing and will throw the Trash away after.

Download “Autonomous Repairs” Version 07.04.2018 | Downloaded 6553 times | 16 KB

XML used “Autonomous Repairs”

Addon uses:


Additional Credits:
to mrclopes & babajagaman for the original Autonomous Repairs mods!