Autonomous Gardening

Autonomous Gardening

I made a tuning mod which overrides the xmls for gardening so it makes those interactions (Water, Weed, Spray, Evolve, Fertilize with/without Harvest) autonomous also there shouldn’t be any puddle anymore from watering.

Autonomous Gardening

There are three Versions of this mod (which include watering, spraying, evolving and weeding): Green, Yellow and Red
Choose only one Version!


Sims are gardening autonomously when plants are

  • Waterable (Moisture 2)
  • Sprayable (Infested 2)
  • Weedable (Weeds 2)
  • Can be evolved


Sims are gardening autonomously when plants are

  • Dry (Moisture 1)
  • Bugs light (Infested 1)
  • Weeds Light (Weeds 1)
  • Can be evolved


Sims are gardening autonomously when plants are

  • Very dry (Moisture 0)
  • Bugs Heavy (Infested 0)
  • Weeds Heavy (Weeds 0)
  • Can be evolved

Autonomous Gardening with Timeframes

The Green Version from above has two more Versions with Timeframes.

Sims will only Autonomously Garden within this Timeframe. The Interactions are disabled outside the Timeframes.

Timeframes available:

  • 10 am – 3 pm
  • 3 pm – 8 pm

Autonomous Gardening with Plant Lover Trait Only

Sims will only Autonomously Garden if they have the Trait “Plant Lover”!

How to add the Trait to your Sim:
1) In Live Mode open the console via CTRL+SHIFT+C
2) Enter testingcheats on and press Enter
3) Enter traits.equip_trait PlantLover and press Enter

How to add the Trait to your Sim:
1) In Live Mode open the console via CTRL+SHIFT+C
2) Enter testingcheats on and press Enter
3) Enter traits.remove_trait PlantLover and press Enter

Optional Addons

  • Harvesting (Sims will harvest as soon as a plant is harvestable – be aware that Visitors may steal your Harvest!) There is also a Plant Lover Trait Only Version available (one of the Main Mods above needed!)
  • Fertilizing (Sims will fertilize as soon as a plant can be fertilized plus fertilizing costs $) There is also a Plant Lover Trait Only Version available (one of the Main Mods above needed!)
  • Buyable Fertilizer (found under Decorative – Miscellaneous) which has buy options for Super Fertilizer and Fungal Infusion Fertilizer.
  • No autonomous Talking to plants

There are several Versions inside the ZIP. Only install one Version from each Folder inside!

Download “Autonomous Gardening” Version 25.11.2017 | Downloaded 6204 times | 233 KB


XML used “Autonomous Gardening”

0000000000003462.Gardening_Fertilize_Toxic.InteractionTuning.xmlNo Autonomous Talking to plants:

14 thoughts on “Autonomous Gardening

  1. hello i love the mod ive had it since it first was made but quick problem i have a vampire sim i gave him the plant lover trait and have the 3-8 green plantlover only file on and harvestable plantlovers but he does nothing at all he just does nothing when it comes to plants i tried to use some of the others and it stilll didnt work i wondered if it was because hes a vampire please helppp:(

    1. Hi Allen,
      i will test it later ingame but i’m at work right now. There should be no reason why it does not work with Vampires but i only use the 10-3 Version. Maybe something went wrong with the 3-8pm Version. I will check it out when i’m home.

      EDIT: Checked ingame. Gave my Vampire the Trait and she did autonomously garden. But i found another Issue where other without the Trait were still gardening. So i have to check that again but Vampires with the PlantLover Trait will garden autonomously.

  2. Really liking this mod. It made tending my dragonfruit farm a lot easier.

    Just a quick question: Is the range that the sim detects crops increased ? i have two seperate gardens and my sim keeps running from one to the other.
    If so, how would i edit the package to bring it back to the original range?

    1. Hi, i did not change anything regarding the range. I would guess EA made it so it would affect the biggest Lot Size.

  3. I can’t add the plant lover trait, is there something I’m missing? I turned testing cheats on and copied it exactly into the cheat box.

    1. Just checked the Green (10am-3pm) Version where it works fine. Which Version do you have? I will check this too then.

  4. Gosh, I can’t thank you enough for this mod! It made gardening so much more easier! Especially the horror that is evolving plants…. aaaaaaaargh
    I can finally have a big enough gardening and a sim life outside it!

  5. I did download the mod and activate the green 10am to 3pm version.
    I really assumed that outside that timeframe only the autonomous gardening is deactivated but I’d still be able to manually care for my plants.
    Sadly that seems not to be the case.

  6. Works amazing…except for one thing.. They are not weeding and some reason the weeding bubble isn’t showing up so I can’t even force them to do it.

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