LittleMsSam’s Automatic Stereo System

LittleMsSam’s Automatic Stereo System

This Mod adds “LittleMsSam’s Automatic Stereo System” to the Game

Automatic Stereo System

Do your Kids always leave their Stereo on when leaving to school?

Do you always forget that you turned the Stereo on in the Basement and wonder why your damn Bills are too high again?

Buy LittleMsSam’s Automatic Stereo System today to end this madness!

Upgrading your Stereo with our Automatic Stereo System costs 250$ per  Stereo.

After upgrading your Stereo you’ll have two new Options available:

  • Automatic Stereo System On (Default setting after upgrading your Stereo)
    Turn our Automatic Stereo System On to activate the automatic System. The System scans the Room (8 Circle) for movements. If no Movements (Sims/Pets) can be found the System will turn the Stereo off.
  • Automatic Stereo System Off
    Turn the Automatic Stereo System Off if you want to disable the Scanner and keep your Stereo playing even if no Sim is around.

You can enable/disable the Automatic Stereo System  individually for each Stereo in your Home!

If you enable the System after disabling it the system will take effect the next time a Sim is within the 8 circle radius.


Languages: English (default) Dansk (by Sighubert), Japanese (by maru dada) and German

Download “Automatic Stereo System” Version 17.04.2018 | Downloaded 949 times | 63 KB

XML used “LittleMsSam’s Automatic Stereo System”


9 thoughts on “LittleMsSam’s Automatic Stereo System

  1. Is the bill part in the mod description is just a flavor text or does the upgrade do affect bill reduction?

  2. Hi Sam, I love your mods!
    But I wonder if maybe you could give us a tutorial or something on how you do your mods..?
    I was thinking of how to make custom interaction from sim to sim, you see I want to make a crush mod, with a new interaction menu specifically for kids. To make different kinds of parties and everything. Or at least an URL to what you use for these kinds of mods. You’re amazing love you <3

    1. I don’t know if i will make more Tutorials because i have barely time next to RL & Modding/Playing. Regarding Crush + Kids there might be something in work but i won’t say much yet. Parties sounds more like Events which i have not done myself yet. Maybe there is a Event Tutorial out there already? Never searched for that. I make all my Mods from scratch in S4S (Sims4Studio). That is the only Tool i really use beside some smaller ones which help me finding Files or extracting Files from the Game.

  3. Hey Sam, love your modding awesome work! 🤘🏼
    Just 1 question though, when I installed this Mod into my game I had a LE pop up as my sim danced to the music. Is this the Mod or something it conflicting with causing issues.

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