Auto Employees | Custom Lot Trait

Auto Employees | Custom Lot Trait

This Lot Trait let’s Barista, Bartender and more auto spawn

Auto Employees | Custom Lot Trait

This Lot Traits spawns NPC if certain Objects are places on the Lot. Just one NPC of each kind gets spawned even if you have more than one Object of the same kind on the Lot. You can spawn all NPC on one Lot if you have every Object on the Lot listet below:

Object – NPC spawned

  • Bar – Bartender
  • Espressobar – Barista
  • Piano – Entertainer (Piano) Only use Piano or Pipe Organ on one Lot
  • Guitar – Entertainer (Guitar)
  • Microphone – Entertainer (Comedy)
  • Marketstall – Vendor
  • Potty – Nanny (for Playgrounds for example)
  • Violin – Entertainer (Violin)
  • Pipe Organ – Entertainer (Pipe Organ) Only use Piano or Pipe Organ on one Lot
  • DJ Booth – DJ

All Entertainers & the Bartender need a mind. lvl of 5 in “their” Skill

There are two “Spawn Auto Employees” Lot Traits

The First one spawns “Professional” NPCs.

The Second one spawns Lot Owners to do the “Job”.
(This can be helpful if you use my More buyable Venues Mod. For example if you have a Household which owns a Cafe and you visit this Cafe with another Household the Owners will get spawned to work there)

For this to work you need to give those Sims a certain Trait to be the “Employees”:

  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesBarista
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesBartender
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesComedy
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesGuitar
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesNanny
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesPiano
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesVendor
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesViolin
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesPipeOrgan
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesDJ

(To remove them use traits.remove_trait … instead of traits.equip_trait …)

You can give them more than one Trait if they own different Business Lots.

I was disappointed when my Sims who own a Cafe did not really earn Money when i visited them with another Household so i added a Feature which will give a Moneyloot to LotOwners when they come to work.

How the Mod works

When Sims spawn on the Lot they’ll get a Loot which checks if specific Objects are on the Lot. If that’s the case they’ll get a Buff which will let the active Sim “Hire a certain NPC”. It may take a moment for the Auto Employee to spawn. Give your active Sim time to “hire” all Emloyees.

Auto Employees | Addon Less Talking

This Addon tries to get those NPCs to talk less

Auto Employees | Addon Hire Lot Owners

You’ll find new Interactions on the following Objects which lets you hire Lot Owner which have the Traits listet in the Main Mod. This can be helpful if you want more than one Lot Owner to work on their Business Lot.

  • Bar
  • Espressobar
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Mic
  • Violin
  • Pipe Organ
  • DJ Booth

Download “Auto Employees | Custom Lot Trait” Version 18.03.2018 | Downloaded 3724 times | 197 KB

46 thoughts on “Auto Employees | Custom Lot Trait

  1. Forgot an Info in the Description:
    “I was disappointed when my Sims who own a Cafe did not really earn Money when i visited them with another Household so i added a Feature which will give a Moneyloot to LotOwners when they come to work.”

  2. Thanks for the mod! Can you please share the female sim in the picture above or gallery ID or name of her? I would love to have it.

  3. Hi there!
    I LOVE this mod already! I was wondering if you could possibly enable this for the DJ booths as well so I could just use my household members as DJs. That would be awesome 🙂 Thank you as always for the great mods!

  4. OH MY!!!, GOOSHDARN, why you arent the owner of the Sims franchise, so you will teach those as*holes a thing or too to improve and inovate gameplay in the game, NICE, this will improve your mod MORE VISITORS?, there is a issue that you stated in that mod that makes bartenders and chefs to never spawn when the lot has that mod traits, this mod can compensate/fix the issue

    1. Bartenders and Co will not never spawn with the More Visitor Lot Trait but it might take a while depending on how many Sims are already in the Queue of Sims that are still going to spawn. This might help with that a little since your Sim will let them spawn right after arriving at the Lot.

    1. Tested ingame: Regular Bar with Espressobar on Lot. After spawning my Sim “hired” an extra Bartender and a Barista which did spawn and got to work.

      Had the lot an Owner? Which LotTrait did you use. Is Autonomous Behaviour activated? Did you give your Sim a Moment before giving them orders to do something?

      1. I dont use your mod LotOwner – so I set this one trait “Professionals | Employees”.
        I was waiting for Barista whole night 🙂

        1. Hm difficult to say why it does not work in your Game. Can you try it out on a Generic Lot just to see if it works at all?

          1. Same thing happened to me, neither bartender nor pianist arrived. I don’t know if I have to hire them or not, I mean why my sim will expend money for everyone’s entertainment, right? They should come as usual whenever I stick a bar or piano in the ground. Tested on park, vet clinic.

              1. Still works fine in my Game. I cannot tell you why it does not in your Game. If you want i can check your Savegame myself. You can send me that via Contact Form.

    1. None of my own Mods are conflicting unless i write it in the Description.

      “Auto Employees | Addon Hire Lot Owners” this should have even give you the hint that it even works perfectly with the MBV Mod Lot Owners 😉

  5. hello uhm, i wouldve loved this if it didn’t stopped anysim from going to my lot, no one ever goes in my lot whenever i choose the auto employee trait

      1. my lot type was restaurant and added the lot trait you made, but it seems it stopped sims from being spawned to the restaurant (lot type) as no one from my employees or costumer were spawned nor the auto npc’s. i tried doing the auto npc in my residential lot but it only spawned 1 comedian and i tried gathering my club members still no one ever came.

        1. Tested those scenarios in my Game and everything worked fine. Auto Employees did spawn as well as Visitors, Club Members (on Home Lot) and NPC Employees & Guests (at my Restaurant).

          Whatever is happening in your Game is not an Issue with the Lot Trait. Maybe a Mod Conflict?

  6. THank you sooo much for this mod all my shops and bars and club feel so much more realistc and the addition of dJ’s is amazingggg

  7. Hi there, thank you for all your awesome mods!

    I have one problem with this one in particular though, all of my sims actions cannot be finished
    They start doing things (Fishing, cooking, upgrade, going home is what I tried at this time) but after 2/3 seconds there’s a picture of the sim appearing in the queue and the action cancels itself. I’ve tried removing all of my mods except this one (The auto employees) and it only happens with this one. I also tried it on a new game, I’ve tried repairing the game and nothing works. It’s like that since the last update.

    I hope you have enough information on my issue, in the meantime it will be weird to play without this mod XD

      1. Yup! I had the ressource file and the autoemployee file. Nothing else. It did that on my new save and old save as well…

        I tried again and here’s what I found out:
        1: Happens only when a lot has the trait
        2: Happens between when I put the lot trait and when the employees actually spawn on the lot
        3: The first times I tried before I wrote my first comment, for some reason the employees took a REALLY long time to spawn, not this time apparently.

        I think it works now, dunno why it didn’t the first times.
        Sorry for annoying you hahaha

        1. Yeah, the active Sim goes through a “loop” until all NPC are “hired”. If your Game is slow for some reason it may take more time than normal. In my Game i wait a few seconds after my Sims spawned until all Employees are there before i command my Sims to do things.

          I recommend the Sims spawn faster Mod (should be on MTS somewhere) which will increase the Time of Sims spawning from 5 seconds to one.

            1. I’ve got the same issue, which immediately goes away whenever I remove the lot trait. The interactions keep cancelling, even after waiting a bit and installing the faster spawning mod. I’m pretty sure all of the npcs spawned, but maybe not, since I’m on that large island lot in Windenburg. Or maybe they’re having routing issues since I have some locked doors?

              1. I don’t have that problem in my Game so far. You could maybe send me the savegame so i could check it out?

                1. Oh wow, thanks! I tried removing my “personality please” mod, since I thought that was the most likely culprit, but nothing. hm… even after I zipped it, my save file is too big. 😡 When I look at my sim’s queue, it looks like she is inviting everyone…. continuously? Maybe? Is it possible that if the service sim doesn’t get to their destination, the cycle continues? Since my save was too big, I tried creating a new game with a generic lot marked as an apartment venue and… yup, same issue. And the save is still too big to send via the “contact” x) I’ll send a drive link

                  1. I did send you an Email but i will answer you here too. I tried a few scenarios with your savegame (with and without other Mods). I tried Park, Museum and an Empty Lot and everytime after some Minutes all Employees did spawn. No looping cancelation or anything. I even tried the “wrong” LotTrait. I added the LotOwner Version on a Lot without Owners to see what happens then. But still no cancelation. They did whatever they wanted to do. If the hired Employee can’t reach their destination then they should still spawn at least and it should not affect your Sim. Did you try this Mod out without any other Mod?

  8. I’m curious, did you make this mod with the intention that the venue has to be owned by another Sim first? In other words, I made a diner. None of my Sims own it yet, but when I visit – the cooks, waiters, host, and bartender all auto populate. The others, like piano player, barista, DJ, etc do not spawn.

    1. No. I wanted Baristas, Vendors & co to spawn on any Lot. With Diner you mean a Restaurant? There Cooks, Waiters, Hosts and Bartender do spawn anyway. Entertainer, Barista etc would only spawn if the object Requirement listet above is fullfilled. Also you need to let your active Sim “hire” them before you command them to do Stuff.

      1. I think I found it. MCCC setting. I had bypass “played” households for jobs. As soon as I disabled that, I got employees. Too many actually, but hey I got them. I have a nightclub, with 4 bars in the center forming a square. All 4 have bartenders. Works for me. Thanks & sorry I didn’t let ya know sooner. 🙂

  9. Ah! I love all your lot traits! I wish there was a mod that would let me add more traits than 3 to a lot, because i want to put all your lot traits in one! Amazing work as always!

  10. Hello!! I am new to your mods (and so far very, very impressed!) and I just have a quick question!

    I have downloaded both this mod and the Added Venues. I am making a resort/hotel kind of lot, and I had planned on putting a restaurant inside of the resort/hotel building, and I was wondering if it was possible for this mod to spawn Chefs/Waiters/Hosts to the lot as well? Is this a thing? And if not, do you know of any mods that you can suggest that can do what I would like it to?

    1. Unfortunaley that won’t work. A lot of the Interactions of Restaurants are connected to the actual Restaurant Venue. So even if you let Chefs/Waiters/Hosts spawn they will do nothing.

      The Only one that could maybe work would be the normal Chef you could hire but they work different then the Restaurant Chef.

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