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Auto Employees | Custom Lot Trait

This Lot Trait let’s Barista, Bartender and more auto spawn

This Lot Traits spawns NPC if certain Objects are places on the Lot. Just one NPC of each kind gets spawned even if you have more than one Object of the same kind on the Lot. You can spawn all NPC on one Lot if you have every Object on the Lot listet below:

Object – NPC spawned

  • Bar – Bartender
  • Espressobar – Barista
  • Piano – Entertainer (Piano) Only use Piano or Pipe Organ on one Lot
  • Guitar – Entertainer (Guitar)
  • Microphone – Entertainer (Comedy)
  • Marketstall – Vendor
  • Potty – Nanny (for Playgrounds for example)
  • Violin – Entertainer (Violin)
  • Pipe Organ – Entertainer (Pipe Organ)¬†Only use Piano or Pipe Organ on one Lot
  • DJ Booth – DJ

All Entertainers & the Bartender need a mind. lvl of 5 in “their” Skill

There are two “Spawn Auto Employees” Lot Traits

The First one spawns “Professional” NPCs.

The Second one spawns Lot Owners to do the “Job”.
(This can be helpful if you use my More buyable Venues Mod. For example if you have a Household which owns a Cafe and you visit this Cafe with another Household the Owners will get spawned to work there)

For this to work you need to give those Sims a certain Trait to be the “Employees”:

  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesBarista
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesBartender
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesComedy
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesGuitar
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesNanny
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesPiano
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesVendor
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesViolin
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesPipeOrgan
  • traits.equip_trait AutoEmployeesDJ

(To remove them use traits.remove_trait … instead of traits.equip_trait …)

You can give them more than one Trait if they own different Business Lots.

I was disappointed when my Sims who own a Cafe did not really earn Money when i visited them with another Household so i added a Feature which will give a Moneyloot to LotOwners when they come to work.

How the Mod works

When Sims spawn on the Lot they’ll get a Loot which checks if specific Objects are on the Lot. If that’s the case they’ll get a Buff which will let the active Sim “Hire a certain NPC”. It may take a moment for the Auto Employee to spawn. Give your active Sim time to “hire” all Emloyees.

Auto Employees | Addon Less Talking

This Addon tries to get those NPCs to talk less

Auto Employees | Addon Hire Lot Owners

You’ll find new Interactions on the following Objects which lets you hire Lot Owner which have the Traits listet in the Main Mod. This can be helpful if you want more than one Lot Owner to work on their Business Lot.

  • Bar
  • Espressobar
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Mic
  • Violin
  • Pipe Organ
  • DJ Booth

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