ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function! (Update of Zooroo’s Mod)

ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function! (Update of Zooroo’s Mod)

Zooroo’s ATM Cards and Credit Mod is an awesome Mod but has not been updated for a while. So i updated it (just the ATM) and added new Functions.

All Credit goes to the Original Mod of Zooroo which you can found here. I just updated it and modified it a little bit.

ATM Cards and Credit

This is very helpful if Household Members move out. With these Cards they’re able to take Money for a new Start with them

Credit Cards buyable via the ATM or via all ingame Computers:
Standard – 100$ / 500$
Green – 1.000$ / 2.000$
Silver – 5.000$ / 10.000$
Golden – 25.000$ / 50.000$
Diamond – 100.000$ / 150.000$

Catalog Location: Electronics\Miscellaneous
Name: ATM “SimPoint”
Price: 10.000$

Added by me: Apply for a Credit

The following Credits are available via the ATM or all ingame Computers:

  • Credit Value / Duration of Agreement / Daily Rate including 10% Interest
  • $ 2.500 / 10 Days / $ 275
  • $ 5.000 / 20 Days / $ 275
  • $ 10.000 / 25 Days / $ 440
  • $ 25.000 / 50 Days / $ 550
  • $ 50.000 / 50 Days / $ 1.100


How a Credit Agreement works:

  • You can choose up to five different Credit Values.
  • Each Credit Agreement is only available once per Time.
  • You can apply to all five at the same Time.
  • The Documents of the Credit Agreements will be transferred into your Inventory and are not deletable!
  • The Money will be transferred immediately to your Household Account
  • Every Day you have to pay a Daily Rate starting with the Day after you’ve applied for a Credit. (Don’t worry if you forget to pay, your Sims will not )
  • When the Credit is completely repaid your Sims can finally tear apart the Credit Agreements ;P (Again your Sims will gladly do that for you)
  • After a Credit Agreement has been teared apart it’s again available at the ATM
  • A visible Buff will show how long the Credit is still activ (will be added with the first Payment!)
  • Mind. Age Requirement: Teen
  • Be aware that Cheats/Mods which delete all Buffs will cancel all Credit Agreements


New Function: Repay Loan (via Credit Agreements inside the Inventory)

You can repay the Credit anytime. The Costs are not all calculated daily (would be too much especially with the 50 Days Credits) but 1 – 2,5 Days. Which means after this timeframe the Costs to repay the Credit decreases.

  • Credit Value /ย  Days until Costs decreases
  • $ 2.500 / Daily
  • $ 5.000 / every 2 Days
  • $ 10.000 / every 2,5 Days
  • $ 25.000 / every 2,5 Days
  • $ 50.000 / every 2,5 Days

Available languages: English (default), Russian (by Zooroo), Spanish (by efsamos4), Portuguese (by mattmartinsm), French (by cinthila),ย Polish (by SimsWeek) and German

Download “ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function!” Version 17.02.2018 | Downloaded 9962 times | 1 MB

Additional Credits:
Original Mod of Zooroo!

Polygon Counts:
Vertices: 227
Polygons: 160

28 thoughts on “ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function! (Update of Zooroo’s Mod)

  1. Hi LittleMsSam, is there any possible way to make this so that you can repay the entire amount instead of the daily payments? Or a way to do it that doesn’t depend on the countdown moodlet? I ask because I really want to use this in my Build A City Challenge but since it’s rotational I can’t since the moodlet counts down when not playing the household.

    1. I don’t know how to be able to able to repay the exact Value regarding the remaining Timer of the Buff. I may will add something close to it in the future but i fear it will not be the exact Value.

      1. I don’t know anything about how mods are made so I don’t have a clue if it’s possible but is there a way to make it so if they click the loan agreement in their inventory and make a payment it gives them a buff? Then the value of the loan agreement could change and the next time it’s clicked it could have a different value? In Sims 2 there was Monique’s Hacked Computer and somehow you could do loans through it. That’s what they used for this challenge in that game.

  2. Hello LittleMsSam! I think I may have found an issue with the ‘Buy Card’ option in the newest cats & dogs update. I’m able to use the credit options no problem but when I try and use ‘Buy Card’ and load the card menu my game freezes and crashes? I do not get a lastException file and have tried this mod on it’s own a few times and experience the same results.

    1. Yeah i uploaded a new Version today which disables the Function for now because i have to search for the Issue here.

      1. Ok sounds good, I’ll use that version for now. I also sent you a last exception file that I received shortly after I sent this comment if that helps in any way ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi,

    I am just wondering how would the loan work for multi household gameplay?

    So if I switch household, will the sim who took the loan still be charged for the time I used playing other family?


  4. Absolutely priceless mod now that animals may need expensive vet visits. My dog got Prismatic Poop Plague earlier today and I could choose to give her low care which might involve pain and healing time or give her the best which was $750 or no care at all ๐Ÿ™ Now I’ll put an ATM in all the vet offices so simmies can get loans if needed, Thanks.

    1. Unfortunaley i would say no. The default Simlife is around 75 Days i think. That’s why i calculated with max 50 Days. If i would make it a weekly payment (i guess you mean the same Amount of Payment) it would be like “cheating” if you have the default lifespan. The Main Problem is that i cannot “read” the Lifespan of your Sim :/

  5. Can you please make a way to cancel the credit agreements?! I do not want my sims to have credit over their heads for 50+ days. It would be great if they were able to cancel the agreements and repay the final once they come into money

    1. No, i cannot “read” the rmaining Buff Time to calculate the Rest Amount or calculate the Amount in any way to let ppl repay the Credit in One Payment. If you want to get rid of the Buff and Credit you have to remove the Buff via Cheat.

  6. Is there any way you would consider making an interaction “Ask for simcash” or “pay”? Kinda annoys me that you can only ask friends for small loans. I’d love to be able to pay people with money I got out of the ATM ๐Ÿ™‚ Would also be cool to add some autonomy to use of the ATM, so a bank would be somewhat functional.

    Also (unrelated to this mod) would you ever consider making drinking bar drinks [or, later, doing basemental drugs] increase chance for pregnancy miscarriage?

    1. At the Moment i don’t plan to add anything more to it because of reasons i am probably not allowed to say yet…

      Same goes for the Second Question somehow i guess^^

  7. Is there any chance of being able to shift the credit out of one inventory and into another? My sim’s going to die soon and it seems cheaty to have not paid the loan back yet and it not transfer to his wife or (yikes) his kids.

    I’ve been treating it as a mortgage on the house.

    1. No because it is connected with the Buff your Sim has anyway. With the newest Version you could repay the Loan at once but unfortunaley it only works for new Credits after the Update.

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