ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function! (Update of Zooroo’s Mod)

Zooroo’s ATM Cards and Credit Mod is an awesome Mod but has not been updated for a while. So i updated it (just the ATM).

All Credit goes to the Original Mod of Zooroo which you can found here. I just updated it and modified it a little bit.

ATM Cards and Credit

This is very helpful if Household Members move out. With these Cards they’re able to take Money for a new Start with them

Credit Cards buyable at the ATM:
Standard – 100$ / 500$
Green – 1.000$ / 2.000$
Silver – 5.000$ / 10.000$
Golden – 25.000$ / 50.000$
Diamond – 100.000$ / 150.000$

Catalog Location: Electronics\Miscellaneous
Name: ATM “SimPoint”
Price: 10.000$

Added by me: Apply for a Credit

The following Credits are available via the ATM:

  • Credit Value / Duration of Agreement / Daily Rate including 10% Interest
  • $ 2.500 / 10 Days / $ 275
  • $ 5.000 / 20 Days / $ 275
  • $ 10.000 / 25 Days / $ 440
  • $ 25.000 / 50 Days / $ 550
  • $ 50.000 / 50 Days / $ 1.100

How a Credit Agreement works:

  • You can choose up to five different Credit Values.
  • Each Credit Agreement is only available once per Time.
  • You can apply to all five at the same Time.
  • The Documents of the Credit Agreements will be transferred into your Inventory and are not deletable!
  • The Money will be transferred immediately to your Household Account
  • Every Day you have to pay a Daily Rate starting with the Day after you’ve applied for a Credit. (Don’t worry if you forget to pay, your Sims will not )
  • When the Credit is completely repaid your Sims can finally tear apart the Credit Agreements ;P (Again your Sims will gladly do that for you)
  • After a Credit Agreement has been teared apart it’s again available at the ATM
  • A visible Buff will show how long the Credit is still activ (will be added with the first Payment!)
  • Mind. Age Requirement: Teen
  • Be aware that Cheats/Mods which delete all Buffs will cancel all Credit Agreements

Available languages: English (default), Russian (by Zooroo), Spanish (by efsamos4), Portuguese (by mattmartinsm), French (by cinthila) and German

ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function!

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 22.06.2017

Polygon Counts:
Vertices: 227
Polygons: 160

Additional Credits:
Original Mod of Zooroo!


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