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Ask to Go for a Walk & Bath (Dogs)

Ask others to go for a Walk with your Dog or bath your Dog

On Dogs you’ll find a new Pie Menu “Ask to…” which gives you four Options for now:

  • Bath Dog
  • Go for a short Walk
  • Go for a middle Walk
  • Go for a long Walk
  • Go for a quick Walk (Quick Walk (with the Dog) needed)

You can choose any Sim on your Lot (Butler, Friends etc.) who will then go for a Walk or bath your Dog. You can even ask Kids (Kids can go for a Walk with Dogs needed)

Be aware this Mod and my “Dog Walker” Mod use the same File called
LittleMsSam_GoForWalk_ReturnHome.package so this File is included in both Downloads!

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Available languages: English (default), Spanish (by Juniorcayher), Japanese (by Simtelma),  Portuguese (by Guedesrs), Korean (by yakfarm), French (by Nerwen), Italian (by RorySim) and German

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