Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink! (including Cupcakes and Experimental Food)

Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink! (including Cupcakes and Experimental Food)

This tuning Mods adds new Interactions to all Stoves which lets you Ask Sims to Cook/Bake/Grill a specific Meal for you or Mix a Drink for you!

Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink!

This Mods adds three new Options under the new Pie Menu “Ask to Cook/Bake” on every Ingame Stove, Ask to Grill on every Grill and Ask to mix Drink to every Bar:

  • Cook for Me
  • Cook Gourmet for Me
  • Bake for Me
  • Bake Cupcakes for Me(*)
  • Cook Experimental for Me(**)
  • Ask to Grill (Only on Grills!)
  • Ask to mix a Drink (Only on Bars!)
  • Ask to Cook Pet Food (the Sim needs to be close to the dogs/cats to be able for it to work)
  • Ask to Cook Gourmet Pet Food (the Sim needs to be close to the dogs/cats to be able for it to work)

(*) Custom Cupcakes recipes added. Non Default has been overwritten. The Baking Animation of PeanutButter Cookies has been used. The Skill Test has been changed from Homestyle Cooking to Baking. Reduced the minimum skill level by two for each recipe.
(**)You’ll have to learn the Recipes to be able to Cook them.

You can choose any Sim (min Age Teen) who is on the active Lot. Even Butlers or other NPCs! (not EventChallengeNPCs)

You can choose what exactly they should cook/bake/grill/mix for you!

Addon “Fix” for Butler/Maids

This is an optional Addon is a kind of “Fix” for Butler/Maids to put away Food that was cooked by NPCs. (Only tested with Butler but should work with Maids too)

Available languages: English (default) and German

Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill! (including Cupcakes and Experimental Food)

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 25.11.2017

XML used “Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink”




19 thoughts on “Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink! (including Cupcakes and Experimental Food)

  1. Hi, I got a last exception yesterday with this mod and the no bills when invited to restaurant were both together and my sim got invited to a restaurant. Are they compatible?

    1. Yes, all my Mods are compatible. If you got a LE when you were on the Restaurant Lot chances are high it was caused by a Chef Station. This Object causes a lot of LEs because it has to stand “free” so Waiters & co can reach it properly.

  2. I had my sim’s boyfriend, who does not live with him, cook him a meal and my sim kept reacting to the “Inappropriate Behaviour”. Is there a way to stop this other than cancelling the interaction?

          1. I downloaded the latest version and the option still hasn’t appeared…hmmm. The latest date modified for the files says 8th Nov 2017. Is this the right one?

            1. Yes that’s the newest Version and so far it is working. On which Stove does it not show up? Maybe they changed Object XML Files. They did it with some Beds too^^

  3. Hi,

    I’m using this mod along with your Better Butlers in the Feng household right now. They adopted a “Spoiled” cat and I wanted to ask the butler to make home-made pet food for him, but it’s not an available option. Could you add this function, please? There are at least 4 recipes, I think. Thanks in advance.

  4. Why can’t I hire a caterer from fridge or oven? I used to call them and use this mod to command to cook but there is no option for that. I have game version Can you help please? Thank you!

    1. The only thing i can think of without being able to look into my Game to check (at work right now) is that you have a Mod which uses the HireNPC Resource and has not been updated. I have to check later today if my Options are missing too. Maybe EA has messed something up, that’s always a possibility too^^

      1. ok, EA messed up the Files! I checked with an empty Mod Folder on no Hire Options. I will upload a fix for their messed up Files soon.

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