30 Minutes Power Workout & 30 Minutes Swimming

30 Minutes Power Workout & 30 Minutes Swimming

This little tuning mod adds a “30-Minute Power Workout” interaction to the Treadmill, Punching Bag and Workout Machine as well as a 30 Minutes Swimming Option to the Pool ladder.

30-Minute Power Workout (Treadmill, Punching Bag, Workout Machine)

Workout Time = 30 minutes (default is way longer depending which training you are doing)

Stressed Moods will be removed and your sim will get a Good Workout Buff.

30 Minutes Swimming

You can do a 30 Minutes Swimming Routine. You’ll find that Option at the Pool Ladder.

Be aware that there is a known Bug where Sims can’t swim rounds. It seems as if they’re not able to find a Route for that. But building the Pool in a certain way helps them with that. It does not always work but my Sim could swim 30 Minutes in this way. You have to build the Pool in Lanes and add fences so sims can only get out on one or two spots like in the Pictures i added.

Available languages: English (default) and German

30 Minutes Power Workout

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 01.05.2017

XML used “30 Minutes Power Workout”


2 thoughts on “30 Minutes Power Workout & 30 Minutes Swimming

  1. “You have to build the Pool in Lanes and add fences so sims can only get out on one or two spots like in the Pictures i added.”

    Where? There is only four and no pool pictures =( I´m curious how you have done it.

    And many thanks from Brazil! Your mods are amazing. =)

    1. Hi, the Bug seems to be fixed in my Game? My Sims can swim normally again. Is that not the case in yours?

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